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Pablo’s Mints Cannabis Strain Review

Effects: euphoric, sleepy, happy

May Relieve: insomnia, depression, anxiety

Pablo’s Mint weed is the spicy indica dominant hybrid of Kush Mints and Wedding Cake that derives from Freddy’s Fuego in the state of Washington. Sourcing the seeds from Seed Junky Genetics, FF evolved this mouth-watering indica that will satisfy your sweet tooth with its sugary aroma and cookie dough and vanilla hints. And let the record state that consumer beware, this flavorful smoke will cease to disappoint with its expert-level THC potency and hard-hitting body high. pablo’s mints

What exactly is Pablo’s Mint the Marijuana Strain?

Deriving from Freddy’s Fuego in Washington state, Pablos Mint weed is a one of a kind hybrid lab creation taking the elegant Kush Mints marijuana strain and marrying it to the well-known Wedding Cake strain. Though not many consumer reports are available for Pablo’s Mint yet as it is a flagship weed strain, it is already gaining popularity for its incredibly high THC potency reaching levels over 30%. Consumer beware, this one is not for the faint of heart. Please handle with caution and keep away from children and small pets. pablo’s mints

The parent strain Wedding Cake is a popular hybrid strain that is known for its tangy, earthy flavor, and superior THC levels known to put you into another dimension. Users of Wedding Cake weed report intense relaxation and happiness that lasts a considerable amount of time. The other parent strain is Kush Mints, which is a heavy indica dominant strain known for having purple, cheesy buds covered in a sugary frost that gives off a sweet, distinct funk. Consumers of Kush Mints are known to be nearly immobilized as this is the cream of the crop for indica dominant strains.

Pablo’s Mint Strain: Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma 

Pablo’s Mint nugs are recognizable for their fat, cheesy, and frosty appearance that is glistening with orange hair-like stigmas flourishing across the buds and weaving in and out of the lime green leaves. The flavor and aroma will remind you of a trip to the ice cream shop with its sugary aroma and cookie dough and vanilla hints that compliment your high like fine wine and cheese on a private vineyard. Pablo’s Mint will leave an aftertaste and looming smell of spicy, earthiness that is distinct from any other. When you smell that smell, you’re gonna know that it’s Pablo.

Pablo’s Mint Strain Effects

With Pablos Mint weed being such an indica-heavy cannabis strain, you can expect an immediate body high to consume your entire body and effectively tuck you into bed. You will be warmed and comforted by the soothing, relaxing high that this hybrid delivers to the consumer. Expect an uplift in mood from this strain as well as many consumers report that it’s undoubtedly a ‘cheesy’ marijuana strain, to say the least, that’ll leave you smiling and giggling like a child. Keep in mind, though, that this is still a very indica heavy strain, so you may want to plan your indulgence with Pablo for closer to bedtime. You wouldn’t want to be halfway through your workday and fall asleep — no Bueno.

Medical Advantages of the Pablo’s Mint Strain

Though the cannabis strain is still a flagship strain over at Freddy Fuego’s so more information is still likely to come out, there are still some potential benefits from Pablo’s Mint to those who suffer from a variety of different conditions. Consumers reported that it might be beneficial to those who have insomnia or other sleep-related ailments, as well as depression and anxiety. The calming, warming effect is likely to be soothing to someone suffering from one of these conditions, and Pablo’s Mint just may be the bee’s knees in this situation.

Possible Side Effects of the Pablo’s Mint Strain

Due to the incredibly high potency of the marijuana strain, the only consumer reported side effects of Pablo’s Mint had been dizziness and paranoia. The explanation for this is presumably that the high potency gave an overwhelming high to someone that may not have an adequate THC tolerance, and that certainly can cause dizziness or paranoia if dosed too heavily with too little of a tolerance. pablo’s mints

Aside from that, you can expect a classic dose of cottonmouth when consuming Pablo’s Mint, so maybe bring water or lemonade to quench that dank thirst. If this side effect is alarming and ‘new’ to you, please let the record state that you are entirely too inexperienced to handle this weed strain anyway.pablo’s mints

                                                      pablo’s mints

Final Thoughts 

Pablos Mint gives me the feeling of a legendary cannabis strain that is very exclusive and almost with a ‘members-only’ feeling to it, and it leaves me with a compelling urge to travel to Washington state to indulge in this luscious cannabis prodigy. If one thing is for sure, its parent strains Wedding Cake and Kush Mints are certainly legendary in the cannabis world and will be around for generations to come.

The genetics once again has been passed down from mom and dad to a beautiful new offspring, which gives hope and light for new highs, aromas, flavors, and experiences with this succulent indica strain. Anyone that is suffering from any common sleeping ailments, including insomnia or depression and anxiety, should certainly look into this strain for more information, as it certainly may be beneficial for those consumers to use Pablo’s Mint to alleviate some of the conditions they are experiencing.


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