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Master Bubba Cannabis Strain Review

Effects: Euphoric, focus, happy, hungry, creative, relaxing

May Relieve: Inflammation, insomnia, muscle spasms, migraines, tremors, pain, ADD/ADHD

Smokers seeking a true Indica dominant strain, look no further. Master Bubbas supreme genetics make it a prime candidate for lovers of any Kush strain and fans of the warm relaxing high this evening bud has to offer. Not only does this cannabis plant satisfy anyone seeking a good night’s rest but it’s also great for a chill day at home. In this review we will cover everything from the birth of this attractive marijuana flower to the dreamy cerebral relief it provides for many, so let’s go!

What exactly is Master Bubba Marijuana Strain?

Master Bubba weed is a 70/30 Indica dominant strain created by a genius blend of two powerhouses, Master Kush and Bubba Kush. This alleviating marijuana strain is a perfect choice for consumers suffering from sleep related issues and people handling pain management. This cannabis strain produces buds that can have THC levels between 25% and 27%, leaving the consumer with a relaxing body buzz of an Indica, without the mind fogging effects.

Master Kush is a strain of cannabis said to originate from the Netherlands. This bud is well loved by Indica connoisseurs and emits a refreshing citrus aroma with slight floral undertones to compliment. The appearance of this weed strain is very similar to Master Bubba; colors on the buds ranging from vivid to dark green with a sprinkle of red hairs. The genetics of this marijuana strain are still undetermined, but it is speculated that a delicious mix of Hindu Kush and Skunk #1 could be the culprits. THC percentages on this particular cannabis flower can come in between 20%-24%, an ideal choice for anyone seeking this strain for its medical benefits.

The second parent strain coming in is called Bubba Kush, and it is very similar to its partner in crime. This sleepy strain can produce between 15%-23% THC levels, which can aid in relieving insomnia, nausea, and chronic pain. Once again this is another type of marijuana with unclear genetics however it is believed that it could be associated with a type of strain called OG Kush. This magical flower has a unique aroma that is pungent but sugary, very similar to the smell of coffee, and is nutty and earthy in taste. This bud looks similar to its mate and offspring, however some cases this strain has been reported to produce purple speckled flowers as well as the classic green buds we know and love.

Master Bubba Strain: Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma

The buds this plant produces are typically a light green color with scattered bright orange hairs. The texture of the flower is tightly packed but fluffy in stature. This is another weed strain known for its glossy coverage of resinous glands. When you think of what classic Kush should look like, this strain does not disappoint and has its lineage to thank for that.

This refreshing bud taste just as delightful as it smells. The earthy fruity scent with fill your nose and the lush smoke will leave a mellow but spicy zest lingering through your senses. This is a great choice for consumers who enjoy cannabis with citrus terpenes.

Master Bubba weed is known for its “kushy” aroma meddled with a lingering lemon pine scent. Just breaking open a nug of this plant will fill the room with its powerful perfume. Its heavenly aroma will make the anticipation even more enjoyable and will probably make your neighbors jealous.

Master Bubba Effects

Due to this cannabis strains Indica dominant genetics it can help people seeking weed for Euphoric, happy, and creative effects but do not want to churn up anxiety or paranoia. Not only is it a great choice for its cerebral effects, but the body buzz that this marijuana strain provides can offer anti-nausea benefits and can return the hunger of people suffering from decreased appetite.

Medical Advantages of the Master Bubba Strain

This influential Indica is excellent in aiding consumers suffering from issues such as muscle spasms, cramps, headaches, soreness, and aching pain. Many people have found relief with this particular weed strain due to its analgesic benefits. However, it will also give you a clear head high, perfect for anyone wanting to avoid brain fog that usually comes with strains that offer effective pain relief. Insomnia is also no match for this comfy kush due to its potency and parents. Since Master Bubba takes on a blend of its mother and father’s best medical advantages, this Indica has a reputation for its leisurely payoff but allows you to stay concentrated.

Not only is this a great choice for people who suffer from physical illnesses, but it is also reported to relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and bipolar disorder. The relief that this cannabis strain can bring to people suffering from illnesses that aren’t visible can make a world of difference. The soothing and comforting cerebral benefits, that this flower can offer, are said to help in combating negative thoughts, aiding in maintaining an optimistic perspective, and even helping to prolong focus.

Possible Side Effects of the Master Bubba Strain

The most reported side effects are dry mouth and dry eyes; however, this could be caused by dehydration so always stay hydrated. A small amount of people also said they felt feelings of paranoia and dizzy spells, which is common among high potency strains, however this could be due to a first timer with a low tolerance. Always start slow and gauge how you are feeling before consuming more to avoid unwanted side effects.

Final Thoughts

This is a great alternative for people who are looking for a nighttime cannabis strain that won’t cloud your mind and will allow to stay focused on low impact tasks. This is a perfect option for consumers working from home or wanting to cuddle up with a book on a gloomy day.

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