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LA Confidential Feminized Seeds is known as a well known and fruitful strain. Its buds have a cold, lime green appearance and minimal purple leaves. The taste is smooth and piney, with a great skunky smell that does not wait for a really long time. By and large, LA Confidential Feminized Seeds is a balanced strain that conveys a quick moving toward impression that is both hallucinogenic and super quieting on the brain and body. For more current patients looking for alleviation, LA Confidential can both break you to rest and treat intense agony

LA Confidential Feminized Seeds is a pot plant with therapeutic characteristics perfect for the treatment of frenzy issue and a sleeping disorder. It is a going between two 100% Indica strains like OG LA Affie and Afghani bringing about a wonderful high-control Indica plant.

The development of LA Confidential Feminized Seeds will be moderate yet relentless so it is fitting to influence them to develop completely before passing them to sprout. Its leaves are huge and wide and dim green at the most perfect Indica plant style.

Amid the blossoming time frame we will probably observe, from the earliest starting point, how it makes exceptionally smaller buds which toward the finish of blooming period will be brimming with a thick sap layer. There are two phenotypes of this strain, one has a marginally more grounded impact than the other despite the fact that we can say that both are extremely amazing.

The leaves at the best made amid blossoming period are littler than those of the lower center piece of the plant, which permits better entrance of light and along these lines increment the bloom creation.

Its greatest leeway other than its amazing impact is unquestionably its self-contradicting taste and smell that have made it win numerous and different honors, for example, first spot on 2009 Batlle of Bridge – first Indica on 2008 HTCC – first on 2007 Kush Cup Las Vegas – first Indica on 2005 IC420 Breeders Cup – second Bio on 2009 HighLife – second Set on 2005 HTCC – third on 2006 Kush Cup Las Vegas and Strain of the Year on 2006 Hightimes Cup.

Highlights of LA Confidential from DNA Genetics:

Hereditary qualities: OG LA Affie x Afghani

Indoor yield. 350-450 g/m2

Open air yield: 350 gr per plant

THC level: High

Blooming time on indoor: 46-55 days

Gather time on open air: October

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