The discreet portable vaporizer battery kits are compatible with our CBD vaporizer cartridges. With an easy-fill tank design and buttonless operation, the KandyPens Slim pen vaporizer is a simple and effective way to vaporize your CBD oil at home or on the go. The KandyPens Slim vaporizer is built with a universal 510 threaded battery for compatibility with a wide range of atomizers, cartomizers and CBD oil cartridges, and it comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY to ensure you will never have to buy another pen vaporizer again.


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buy thc concentrate, Ideal for discreet and convenient vaping on-the-go, KandyPens  Battery offers a sleek design and buttonless functionality. The battery activates as you draw from the tank, quickly heating up your favorite waxy oils to produce a pure botanical vapor. With its universal threading, the extremely versatile  Battery is designed to work with any 510-threaded tank or cartridge. An included USB charger is perfect for quickly powering the KandyPens  Battery while on the move. buy thc concentrate

Sized for pockets or purses, KandyPens  Battery features a slender design that is easy to grip and go. Despite its compact and sleek style, the Battery features impressive long-lasting battery life that will be ready to power your tank of choice whenever you’re ready to enjoy your favorite botanical oils. Simply pull from the mouthpiece of your cartridge and the Slim Battery will activate, quickly heating your waxy oils to generate clouds of clean vapor. buy thc concentrate

It is designed to be paired with the KandyPens Slim vape pen or any portable 510-threaded wax cartridge or tank. The Slim Battery will heat your materials in about 5 seconds, perfect for inconspicuous vaping on the go. The tip of the KandyPens Slim Battery can be used as a stylus, to be used as a writing utensil on any tablet or smartphone. buy hash oil vape

Every order comes with the KandyPens  Battery and a USB charger. To recharge the battery, simply screw its 510-threaded end into the USB charger and plug the USB device into any USB port. buy thc concentrate

The lightweight Slim  is just 4.25 inches long and comes in an array of colors, allowing it to join seamlessly with your favorite 510-threaded oil or liquid vape pen. It’s the ideal battery for those looking for an affordable and yet extremely efficient botanical wax and concentrate vaping experience. buy hash oil vape

Besides offering unmatched convenience, portable vape pens produce clean, respiratory-friendly vapor by heating botanical waxes without combustion. Vaporizers utilize conduction or convection methods to safely heat materials only until they reach their boiling point, ensuring the production of a toxin-free vapor. Vaporizing has become increasingly popular over the years, as health-conscious consumers seek an inhalation method that’s amiable to the lungs.

Like all KandyPens offerings, the  Battery comes with an unprecedented, industry leading Lifetime Warranty. If for any reason your Slim Battery stops working, KandyPens will gladly replace it at any time. This guarantee is rare in the world of vaporizers and attests to the quality and integrity of KandyPens’ batteries.

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