Forbidden Fruit Cannabis Strain Review

Forbidden fruit strain Effects: Euphoric, relaxed, uplifted

May Relieve: Depression, pain, insomnia, loss of appetite

Nothing Is forbidden about this fruit. Consumers find their mouths watering over this Cannabis Strain. It’s another 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid, but this one is crossed with Cherry Pie and Tangie. An incredibly potent marijuana strain, Forbidden Fruit is high up on consumers’ dank list. The powerful high comes from the 26% THC level regularly found in this bud. Could this make it a competition for the best marijuana strain? It sounds like it when we couple the taste with the effects — which we will learn about in this review.Forbidden fruit strain

What exactly is the Forbidden Fruit Strain?

Forbidden Fruit is the “child” of the Cherry Pie strain and Tangie strain. It is indica-dominant with only 30% sativa. It’s pretty obvious where the fruitiness comes in on the Forbidden Fruit strain. If not, read on.

Cherry Pie is already a strain that appears purple. Some describe the scent from this plant as “cherry pie” (hence, the name). Despite how delicious it sounds, it doesn’t typically make consumers hungry. This is what contributes to the sleepiness that most feel from the Forbidden Fruit strain.

                                               Forbidden fruit strain

Tangie is a remake of the popular Tangerine Dream Strain. From this name, one can gather that this parent strain smells of tangerine. Interestingly enough, this is a 22% THC 70% sativa strain. Regardless, it came together with Cherry Pie to create this powerful sedative.

Forbidden Fruit Strains Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma

This bud looks as forbidden as it sounds. It has a lot of purple mixed with green leaves, and long orange hairs spring out in all directions. This does look like some forbidden form of broccoli — yet it is still mouthwatering thanks to the scent. If you couldn’t guess before, the Forbidden Fruit strain has a fruity taste that a lot of people describe as tropical. That’s because it carries notes of citrus, passionfruit, mango, and even hints of juicy cherry that make this weed a delight!

Forbidden Fruit Strain Effects

Consumers typically report the Forbidden Fruit Strain to be a great way to fight insomnia. This marijuana strain gives patients a “couch-lock” sensation while removing worries so that the mind can safely drift to sleep. This is another reason that it helps with the effects of depression and anxiety.  Aside from the sleepiness effect, this “in-da-couch” strain is helpful for those who want to relax for the evening.

Luckily for some, this one does not cause any undue hunger. There are some reports of the “munchies”, as it is typical with most cannabis strains. However, this weed strain is not known to change eating habits. This is a positive in a lot of ways for many different medical reasons (and even personal ones) for those who are unable to gain weight or suffer from lack of appetite.Forbidden fruit strain

Medical Advantages of Forbidden Fruit Strain

As mentioned before, the sudden “laziness” consumers feel is really helpful for those who experience depression and anxiety. The euphoric sensation, along with the relaxation afforded to the mind and body, can transport anyone to their “happy place”. This is thanks to the ultra-relaxing effect that the parent Cherry Pie strain has over the consumer. Some report it to assist with the stressful effects of PTSD.

This couch-potato tendency is also helpful for those who can’t relax enough to go to sleep. Even if insomnia is present for other reasons, consumers often report feeling sleepy when the high fully hits. As a result, patients may be prescribed this Forbidden Fruit strain in extreme cases of insomnia.

Lastly, major reports of pain-relief are associated with the Forbidden Fruit strain. For people suffering from chronic pain, this is major. In addition to the ability to sleep, they can be spared a few hours of suffering.

Possible Side Effects of Forbidden Fruit Strain

It is recommended to try this Forbidden Fruit strain in the evening. Since it provides such a heavy indica sensation, it is a good idea to see how it might affect you before doing anything too risky. The sedation is the effect that most people want and expect out of this particular bud.

Aside from the amazing THC effect doing its intended job, consumers should stay hydrated to combat the effects of dry eyes and mouth. Some use eye drops to add moisture to dry eyes. This is typical of other heavy strains of marijuana. The Forbidden Fruit just offers a more powerful punch to the system, telling it to calm down and enjoy the ride.

Final Thoughts 

This is another tasty treat for those who like a fun experience from beginning to end. Just looking at the Forbidden Fruit strain is fun. This is an exceptional strain, making it pleasing to the eyes. Partner that with the medical advantages of this marijuana strain and the Forbidden Fruit becomes a sought-after strain for those who enjoy heavy THC and indica experiences. With a 27% THC level, experienced smokers can go down a totally new path with this appealing cannabisforbidden fruit strain strain.


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