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Donkey Butter Cannabis Strain Review

Effects: Creativity, Sedated, Collected Thoughts, Happy

May Relieve: Chronic Pain, Nausea, Insomnia, Headaches

Donkey Butter is a very distinctive strain stemming from Exotic Genetix, crossed with Triple OG and exotics home grown Grease Monkey Strain. It is a heavy indica strain having a multi-stage high. Donkey Butter is a medium to large sized bud with low to medium variation on THC levels. This review will give you the information you need for the Donkey Butter strain.

What Exactly is the Donkey Butter Marijuana Strain?

Created from the breeders of Extreme OG, Donkey Butter is derived from Triple OG and Grease Monkey, with one of its grandparents being Gorilla Glue. Its flowers are medium to large in size and have a solid cone like shape. This plant produces a lot of buds and its leaves are pretty long and almost a dark forest green.

The average THC levels vary from roughly a low of 14% to an overpowering 27%, but the reported average levels stand at about 24%. Donkey Butter is an indica dominant strain with 70% indica and 30% sativa. Its high is focused, calm, collected, and sedative.

Donkey Butter: Appearance, Flavors, and Aroma

Donkey Butter is darker green in color with small little, almost hair-like, strands coming out of it with a nice frosted coating over it. Some Donkey Butter strains has even been known to have a little hint of purple in it.  This cannabis strain has a very distinctive odor that is very earthy and even smells a bit like diesel. Donkey Butters aroma is very loud and can not be silenced. At second wiff you can smell some woodsy pines. It is said that Donkey Butter gets its strong odor from its grandparent, Gorilla Glue.

After consuming Donkey Butter, you may be a little confused. Its smell and its flavors really are quite different, and most say it is for the better. While the flavor of Donkey Butter is sort of hard to pinpoint, I can best describe it as delicious. It is kind of earthy and dank but its very smooth and thick. With that said, watch out because the smoke from Donkey butter weed is so pungent and thick that it does hurt a tad bit when getting it in the eyes. It also has a bit of an herbal taste to it.

Donkey Butter Effects

Donkey Butter has a high that comes on pretty slow, but is long lasting. When first experiencing the high you are met with a clear, and focused mind. You are able to categorize and execute your thoughts more precisely. There is also a blushing sensation you will feel in your face and cheeks. You are in full control of yourself during this high and most really enjoy getting that out of it.

These sensations will begin to fade away and you will become a little more drowsy. The body portion of the high will begin and the sensations you are feeling in your face will begin to melt down into your body. You begin to feel more couch locked. Donkey Butters stony qualities hit you and you feel more complied to lay around and nap and snack rather than think and move around.

With these effects coming from Donkey Butter, it makes for a good afternoon into the evening strain as you are uplifted followed by a wave of sleepiness.

 Medical Advantages of Donkey Butter Strain

Donkey Butters high gives it many mental, physical, and medical benefits. This cannabis strain can be consumed to help people who have suffered from weight loss. Donkey Butter stimulates your brain making you feel like your in the mood for food. This can be a huge benefit for people who have had weight loss. Donkey Butter could also help ease nausea and PTSD symptoms.

Donkey Butter can be a huge muscle relaxer that is much more safe than any opiate you can get your hands on. People also swear that it can help with tremors in people with Parkinson’s disease. I’ve also heard that it can be great for fibromyalgia and other common routes to chronic pain.

Possible Side Effects

Possible side effects are pretty limited with this strain. You may get red dry eyes from getting the pungent dense smoke in your eyes, but this can easily be avoided and treated. Some also experience some anxiety and paranoia, but if your put yourself in a decent surrounding this can also be easily avoided.

Another side effect could be some farsightedness with this indica dominant strain. After you get sleepy and drowsy some can feel a little out of it causing their vision to be slightly impaired. This is a rare side effect and you just have to be careful with usage when you are first starting out with this strain.

Final Thoughts

Donkey Butter is a very distinctive strain coming from its exotic aromas, flavors and effects. It may not be the best first option for beginners but you definitely shouldn’t shy away from the opportunity to try out this marijuana strain.

This indica dominant strain is uplifting and powerful with a sleepy euphoric ending from the masterminds of Exotic Genetix definitely does showcase the effects of a true indica sativa hybrid.

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