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Crystal Cookies Cannabis Strain Review


Crystal Cookies Strain: An Introduction

Crystal Cookies weed is a 90% indica-dominant strain that averages 19% THC, with the range being anywhere between 17-21%.  This cannabis strain is low on CBD, with a 0.2% average.

Crystal Cookies was created in Seattle Washington by In House Genetics by breeding the Platinum Girl Scout Cookies strain with the Animal Cookies strain.

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies is a hybrid strain (Indica 60% / Sativa 40%) that boasts an impressive average THC of 23%.

Created by the BC Bud Depot of Vancouver British Columbia Canada, Animal Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid strain (75% Indica / 25% Sativa) and has a high THC average of 22%.


Crystal Cookies Strain: Appearance

Inherited from the Platinum GSC strain, Crystal Cookies weed has massive dark green buds, with bright orange hairs through the buds. The buds are typical indica structure with dense buds, similar to the Animal Cookies strain.  These buds are covered in a thick layer of white “crystals”, no wonder it’s in its name!


Crystal Cookies Strain: Scent

Crystal Cookies weed has aromas that are reminiscent of its parents.  One whiff and you encounter a pungent, sweet and earthy aroma.


Crystal Cookies Strain: Taste

Just like the scent, the flavor profile shares many similarities to its relatives.  Both passed on the sweet and earthy taste that Crystal Cookies weed possesses.


Crystal Cookies Strain: Positive Effects

Being a heavy indica strain, Orange Cookies weed is best suited for night use, as the body high and couchlock effects may not be suitable for certain scenarios.

The most common effects users report are being relaxed, happy, sleepy, sedated.  Perfect for unwinding after a long stressful day.

Other less common effects include being focused, euphoric and an increase in appetite.  Some users even claim that this cannabis strain gets their creative juices flowing.


Crystal Cookies Strain: Medical Benefits

Medical marijuana patients typically use this heavy indica strain to treat their insomnia.  The Crystal Cookies strain is great for relieving aches and pains. Others use it to treat stress, depression, and anxiety symptoms.  Whereas others use this weed strain to promote hunger.


Crystal Cookies Strain: Side Effects

This cannabis strain has very high couchlock properties, so it is likely to make you very lazy.  For this reason, you should have your schedule cleared before partaking.

It is said that Crystal Cookies weed induces a high level of cottonmouth and red eyes, however, these are just minor inconveniences.  An easy fix is water. And more water after that to fight the high dehydration.

For newcomers, some users have reported feeling paranoid or dizzy.  This is not common, but to prevent this from happening, start slow and work your way up.  If you do end up getting any of these negative effects, just try your best to relax and remind yourself you will be fine.


Crystal Cookies Strain: Grow Information

It is recommended to have a moderate level of experience if you are going to add this cannabis strain to your garden.  Flowering Crystal Cookies weed indoors takes approximately 9 weeks. You can expect short, bushy plants with large dense buds that offer a medium sized yield.  It is said that it is not recommended to flower outdoors, however, as times change and strains get refined, this could change, so stay tuned!


Crystal Cookies Strain: In Conclusion

If you are a cannabis enthusiast, you have to try Crystal Cookies weed.  Its sweet and earthy undertones, coupled with its indica dominant properties, makes this marijuana strain a must.  Clear you schedule, roll up a joint, and you won’t be disappointed!


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  • Stuart

    This will go great with my Hoodie that I ordered a few weeks ago.

  • Maria

    Love this shirt! The ninja near and dear to my heart. <3

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