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Buy sun rocks, Moon rocks have been around for ages but with the advancement of concentrate production – higher quality, lower prices, increased availability so buy sun rocks now – Sun rocks have been on the rise.

Sunrocks are cannabis flower dipped into concentrate THC. They are also frequently covered in hash and as a rule the nugs and the extract come from the same strain. buy sun rocks

Buy Sun Rocks vs buy Moon Rocks 

All these products are considered infused flowers but there are differences between them, even though many people confuse them or use the terms interchangeably. buy sun rocks

Moon Rocks  

Moon rocks and caviar are very similar to each other. They are both dipped in hash and sun rocks The difference is that moon rocks must have kief (keef) to be considered such, and caviar can just be flower rolled in hash, making it a simplified version. Basically, a moon rock can always be considered caviar but not vice versa .

To Buy Sun Rocks vs Moon Rocks: What’s the Difference? 

The difference between sun rocks and moon rocks is way bigger than that.

First of all, sun rocks are much more potent than moon rocks buy sun rocks. The latter test around 40-50% THC and the former usually have a potency of over 50% and up to sun rocks This fact should be considered carefully before you light sun rocks, Even more, experienced consumers might be overwhelmed with a hit of a sun rock.

The flower and extract used in the production of a sun rock are usually of the same strain whereas moon rocks simply require nugs, kief, and hash, which can all be made from different strains or a mixture of them. The most common sunrock strain is OG Kush.

The way these two varieties of infused flower are created lets you see the bud used in sun rocks even better while in moon rocks the view is obstructed by kief buy sun rocks. Although, as long as you buy from a trusted manufacturer and dispensary, that is not an issue.

How to buy Sun Rocks

While the way of consumption is about the same, making sun rocks is easier than their space cousins.

First off, choose your “supplier”. That is a dispensary that offers the finest flower and purest BHO concentrate. These are key elements in creating a delicious product.

Cover your nugs in a thin, see-through layer, and you are done.

buy Sun Rocks to have a greater experience

How do you smoke a Sunrock?

Keyword is – carefully. Not only can it be messy, but you have to keep in mind that the potency of these beauties can go all the way up to 80%.

Sun rocks are not a thing you want to do on the go. You can but it will be distracting and possibly frustrating to the overall experience. Set up at a desk or a table, use glass paraphernalia and get a pair of tweezers, as sunrocks are rather hard to handle and it might get a bit messy. Cut it up and smoke either by itself or better yet mix up with some cannabis flower (preferably of the same strain as the sunrock in question) to help with keeping it alight.

Make sure to keep the product away from the heat – not only can that effect potency but it might make a whole mess of it and make it extremely hard to consume your sun rock.

In Conclusion

Sun rock is a stellar creation when done properly or purchased in a legal cannabis dispensary, from a reputable vendor like Dadirri. And you do need to know your tolerance and reaction to concentrates to make sure you have a smooth and enjoyable experience.


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