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Buy PLUG Play Pods, we are excited to announce the release of its distillate oil cartridges and elegant magnetic batteries. Patients and 710 fans no longer have to pick between high-quality oil and a high-quality battery.

Not only does PLUG play provide a battery that stands out among vape batteries, but its extraction artisans are committed to creating quality distillate concentrates.

The plug is a premium distillate vape cartridge that is available in their DNA and Exotic lines, and Play is the battery that allows for easy access to bliss and wellbeing. Most significantly, the purpose of PLUG play is to provide a bridge to heavenly sensations.

Their team hopes to reach out to individuals who are interested in the advantages of cannabis through education and outreach.


Overcharge, low-voltage, and short-circuit protection are all included into the Plug and Play battery. Simply fit the pre-filled Plug and Play pod in the inhaler, push the button, and inhale.


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