Buy Juul pod

Buy JUUL pod is a disposable, non-refillable cartridge that contains a proprietary nicotine-containing e-liquid formulation creating a satisfying experience. When you buy Juul pods, all you need to do is to choose the flavor and nicotine strength you want, and you’re good to go.

The JUULpod hits on top of the JUUL Device and serves as a mouthpiece. Each JUULpod comes with new hardware, so there are no parts to replace and no setup is required.

Through years of research, JUUL Labs developed its proprietary nicotine-containing e-liquid formulation, which is mixed under strict quality-controlled processes utilizing industry-leading U.S. partners.

Pharmaceutical-grade propylene glycol and glycerol make up the majority of its e-liquids. When heated they form an aerosol that carries the nicotine, benzoic acid, and flavors.

We use pharmaceutical-grade nicotine and benzoic acid, which, when combined, create a nicotine salt, which helps provide cigarette-like satisfaction.

Flavoring can be a mixture of natural and artificial ingredients which provide the specific taste profile in each JUULpod.

If you have any health concerns about using JUUL products or any nicotine-containing product, we recommend that you consult with your health care professional.

Why should you Buy Juul Pods?

JUUL products deliver an exceptional nicotine experience designed for adult smokers looking to move away from traditional cigarettes.

Not only is JUUL a satisfying alternative to cigarettes, but it’s also cheaper. By switching to JUUL, you could save more than $150 a month, which means you could save more than $1,800 a year.

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