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Buy Dime carts provide a premium experience. The distillate is top-quality and is very smooth and flavorful. The high is clean and the oil doesn’t leave any residue on the tongue.  It surpasses all expectations with the great overall quality. Buy it when you need something to last till next payday.

Dime Cartridges are a cut above the rest. Our premium vape line is never cut with PG or VG. Instead, mixed with our THC distillate are natural terpene blends formulated from cannabis strains.

Our brand’s unique cartridges and batteries were specifically engineered around our quality oil, as our 90%+ THC oil requires patented technology and one of the strongest batteries on the market to produce the cloud 9 effect we’re known for.

All of our cartridges are hand-filled with special care from our production team, ensuring consistency and quality. Buy Dime carts now to enjoy the mind-blowing effect.

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Strawberry Cough, Blueberry Lemon Haze, Jack Fruit, Wedding Cake, Dime OG, Peach Kush, Forbidden Fruit, Bubble Gum Kush, Apple Gelato, Watermelon

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