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Buy CalyRx Cartridge, CalyFx is a combination of the terms Calyx (from the female flower), California (where our items are manufactured), and Fx (for the effects our customers enjoy from our custom strains).

Dennis D’Alessio, the creator of CalyFx, is particularly interested in the medicinal potential of hemp-derived therapies. Bill, his younger brother, was autistic and suffered from epilepsy.

The only legal therapy available to relieve Bill’s symptoms was costly and had significant side effects that harmed his other important organs and decreased his quality of life.

Bill’s kidneys eventually failed, and he was placed on dialysis. Bill died at the age of 32 as a result of a grand-mal seizure.

CalyFx’s full-spectrum hemp-extracted products contain CBD, CBG, CBN, and over 1300 additional components that are naturally produced from the hemp and plant.

Dennis and his colleagues founded CalyFx to take on the world’s top PhDs, researchers, and specialists.

CalyFx has developed a proprietary range of hemp-based products, and our all-natural strains are now available in vapes, tinctures, topicals, sprays, and water.

Custom formulations and white label services are also available from CalyFx. CalyFx strains are all 100% natural and produced in the United States to the greatest standards.

Our strains are always third-party tested and packed in containers and devices that are free of lead and heavy metals. To buy CalyRx Cartridge you can simply add to the cart by clicking here


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