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Buy Brite Labs Carts is an Oakland, CA-based firm devoted to setting the bar in the cannabis industry. Our goods are meticulously farmed on California farms and handcrafted to preserve botanical purity.

We prioritize quality over commercialism, never use additives, and are continuously striving to develop and share our understanding of a plant that continues to amaze us.

Be True
As the legal cannabis industry has grown at lightning speed, the rush to gain market share has led to many companies who compromise quality in pursuit of profits, and who focus more on flashy packaging than what’s inside the package. Buy Brite Labs Carts to get this unearthly feeling.

We adopt a different approach at Brite Labs.

We think that cannabis products of the finest quality provide the most beneficial experiences. That is why we are committed to providing the purest, most organically made goods from reputable California farmers.

We want to be as loyal to the plant as possible, just as we always try to stay true to our consumers and our principles.

We want our products to be a catalyst for growth and wellness: to encourage the cannabis industry to higher standards and inspire people to pursue their own highest truths, including ourselves.

Our Story

Brite Labs was founded in 2014 in Oakland, California to pioneer whole-plant cannabis concentrates using our unique extraction process in order to legally offer our patients and partners a full-spectrum oil that is closest to flower, to explore cannabis’s wellness potential, and to promote positive experiences. The essence of our purpose remains the same today.

When it comes to vape products, we are convinced that 100% cannabis oil with absolutely no additives is essential for the benefit of consumers.

This is why we specialize in crafting small-batch, full-spectrum extracts with care to retain only the natural THC, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes found in the raw plant material, and nothing else.

We believe our approach results in a more aromatic product that we describe as closest to flower.

We’ve tracked harvest seasons and built tight working ties with chosen cultivar partners in Northern California who share our mindset throughout the years.

Their skilled and meticulous cultivation of our source plants incorporates organic standards and sustainable agricultural practices, resulting in the best quality flower and trim available anywhere in the globe.

We then buy and process this raw plant material to make our cannabis oils, wax, distillate, and flower. You now Buy Brite Labs Carts in our shop.


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