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Blueberry Cannabis Strain Review

Effects: Creativity, tranquility, muscle relaxation

May Relieve: Insomnia, Nausea, Anxiety, and Pain

Just as Blueberry’s name suggests, this cannabis strain has rich berry flavors and purple hues. This strain enjoys popularity among consumers, and it was voted best indica at the High Times 2000 Cannabis Cup and third place at the 2002 Cannabis Cup. Some consumers joke that Blueberry is a timeless favorite in the cannabis world and refer to it as your parents’ and grandparents’ choice of strain. Blueberry’s relaxing effects and ability to reduce pain, depression, anxiety, and sleeplessness make it appealing to both novices and experienced consumers. This article will give you an overview of Blueberry’s distinct appearance, flavor, aroma, and effects.

What exactly is the Blueberry Strain?

Blueberry is an indica-dominant hybrid strain (80% indica, 20% sativa), so consumers will find the effects more calming than energizing. This strain’s THC levels range between 16-24%, but usually tests  at around 20% potency. This is high considering most indica strains average about 17% THC. Also, this strain has a CBD count that is anywhere between 0.5-2%.

Well-known cannabis breeder DJ Short was the original cultivator of Blueberry. He mixed landrace strain Afghani with Sativa Thai and Purple Thai in the 1970s.

Today, it is commonly found in dispensaries because of its effects of addressing a range of symptoms. Like with many landrace strains, there are many variables impacting growing. Long-term users report variations with each plant generation. Therefore, don’t be surprised if the Blueberry cannabis flower or product you previously consumed is slightly different from the product you are now using. You will still get to enjoy the beneficial qualities of this unique strain!

Blueberry Strain: Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma

Compared to other strains, Blueberry’s buds are smaller and denser, and they tend to have more white trichomes. Blueberry has grape sized and shaped buds that feature purplish, lavender, and indigo hues. These colors are the byproducts of anthocyanins, which is a highly concentrated pigment contained in Blueberry’s genepool. Blueberry does well in temperate and colder climates, so cultivators monitor and manipulate the temperatures to simulate the optimum growing environment. This process changes the pH levels, and the end results are improved color, taste, and fragrance.

Consumers often report an initial sweet impression of blueberry essence with a hint of vanilla and cream. Many consumers consider it a smooth smoke for an indica and therefore suggest it for novices or consumers who are sensitive to stronger flavors and aromas.

It smells sweet, spicy, and woody when it burns. Some say there is a hint of pine. To some consumers, the aroma is slightly musky and tart, and they attribute this quality to Blueberry’s Thai lineage.

Blueberry Effects

The usual effect is euphoria and many report a sense of lightheartedness and a case of the giggles. Relaxation starts within moments of the first few hits of this potent cannabis strain, but potency can sneak up on you and make you wish you were on the sofa. Blueberry definitely delivers more of a body buzz than stimulating mind buzz, so expect a more calming than energizing effect.

Most consumers can expect alleviation from anxiety, physical aches and pains, sleeplessness, nausea, and mental stress within a short amount of time. The general recommendation is to consume the Blueberry strain slowly whether using edibles, smoking weed or vaping.

This strain can have a long lasting high of around 3-4 hours depending on factors such as the amount of cannabis used, current health of the individual, and the amount of water and meals consumed by the individuals, and more. Some consumers report a very strong high after one use and a subtle high after their next cannabis session. Overall consumers say Blueberry promotes relaxation more than it does physical activity.

 Medical Advantages of Blueberry

Since this  is so effective in promoting a sense of tranquility, it is the perfect strain for a range of medical patients; from those seeking relief from insomnia, to those seeking pain management. Just a small amount helps many users unwind, and others use larger doses to promote a more restful sleep. The almost immediate effects will be helpful for those who are looking to find immediate relief from moments of mental anguish.

Its ability to alleviate pain and reduce nausea also make it very helpful for patients dealing with certain chronic health conditions. Patients of chronic pain may want to try this  strain for wellness purposes, because the terpenes; beta myrcene, caryophyllene, and alpha-pennine are thought to be effective at reducing pain.

Possible Side Effects

Here are some precautions to consider when smoking Blueberry weed. Some report a sense of calm and couch-lock beyond relaxation, so consumers might want to make it their choice for evening consumption. A few consumers report that they feel fatigued, groggy or paranoid, so consumers may want to pace themselves and start with smaller doses. Others feel a slight disorientation at first, but then find this sensation is replaced by contentment. No matter the nature of the potential side effects, it is best to consume this strain at home when you have no pressing matter to take care of.

Some other physical effects include dry mouth and red eyes, so take measures against these problems by drinking plenty of water and using water-based eye drops. Smoking is mainly responsible for eye irritation, so consider alternative ways to consume the marijuana such as in edibles or by vaping.

Final Thoughts

Those with insomnia or restlessness will love the fact that they will not feel cloudy or hungover in the morning, and most if not all consumers will love the uplifting effect! This strain is a suitable choice for medical cannabis patients and especially good for infusing into edible products. For those interested in learning to home grow, Blueberry is a hardy strain; it is easy to grow indoors and does remarkably well outdoors with proper attention.

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