Blue Dream Feminized Seeds



Blue Dream Feminized Seeds is a half and half strain known to show vivacious development and a vast last size. She develops expansive colas and thick, hard buds start to finish and the measure of gum delivered is truly something to observe.

The flavor is incense and pepper from the Haze with sweet blueberry suggestions giving a genuine tang while the smell is a great citrus and cedar. The Sativa strength in the cross makes the strain perfect for daytime use, creating a cerebral and fiery high, all around offset with a feeling of unwinding and quiet from the Indica.

Blue Dream cannabis seeds by have a place with a feminized Sativa-overwhelming cannabis strain got from the hybrid of a Blueberry and a Super Silver Haze. The outcome is an exceptionally respected Californian half and half that is celebrated for its wonderful fruity flavor, its natural clues and its pale blue tints.

Blue Dream Feminized Seeds becomes in a delightful medium-sized/enormous excellent plant with a safe structure that yields a lot of conservative and resinous buds.

Its flavor and fragrance are sweet and fruity, with notes of citrus, Haze and incense. The impact is obviously Sativa, beginning with a cerebrally incredible high that advances into a lovely physical unwinding. Given its helpful properties, Blue Dream is cherished by therapeutic cannabis clients: it is immaculate to ease muscle torment and to fix sleep deprivation. FOR Buy Blue Dream Feminized Seeds contact us 

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