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Ace of Spades Cannabis Strain Review


  Strain: An Intro

The Ace of Spades Cannabis strain is a hybrid strain that is 60% indica and 40% sativa.  The indica side is more prevalent as this marijuana strain is best suited for nights in.

THC Levels are modest, ranging from 16-20% and averaging 18%.  Having such a low THC ceiling makes this weed strain perfect for newcomers, but is strong enough to satisfy more experienced cannabis users.

TGA Subcool Seeds mixed the Black Cherry Soda strain with the Jack the Ripper strain to create this wonderful herb.  Black Cherry Soda is a perfectly balanced hybrid strain and boasts an average THC of 20%. Jack the Ripper, with an average THC of 17%, is a sativa dominant hybrid strain being 70% Sativa and 30% indica.  This cannabis strain was created when TGA Subcool Seeds bred Jacks Cleaner with Space Queen.

Ace of Spades Strain: Appearance

Ace of Spades marijuana plants tend to be thick and grows tall and bushy.  Similar to Jack the Ripper weed, Ace of Spades has larger buds than normal, which can be attributed to the sativa genetics passed down. The purple hues on the bud come from its Black Cherry Soda lineage.  However, Ace of Spades weed tend to show more bluish and pink colors depending on the phenotype.

Ace of Spades Strain: Scent

Much like the Black Cherry Soda strain, Ace of Spades weed possess a sweet and earthy aroma.  Its sour and citrusy lemon scent that you get as you break into the buds is a trait passed down from the Jack the Ripper strain.  Unlike its parents, the Ace of Spades strain has been reported to have more of a pine and orange scent at times.

Ace of Spades Strain: Taste

Ace of Spade weed is known to be a very herbal and berry experience thanks to Black Cherry Soda.   And as a complement is a sweet and citrus flavor passed on from its other parent. However, it is said to be a bit more earthy than its parents

Ace of Spades Strain: Positive Effects

The Ace of Spades strain is a hybrid, but tends to possess more of the indica effects.  Users can expect a quick onrush of a cerebral high, but then soon find themselves locked in a mellowing body buzz.  This is apparent from many reviewers claiming this cannabis strain makes them extremely relaxed.

This marijuana strain is known to make consumers very happy, uplifted and euphoric.   Couple that with having sedative and sleep inducing properties, Ace of Spades weed, is a perfect evening cannabis strain for people looking to wind down after a long day.

Ace of Spades Strain: Medical Benefits

Medical marijuana users choose this weed strain because it helps with anxiety, stress and depression. Many use the Ace of Spades strain to treat minor aches and pains.  This cannabis strains indica properties tend to make it an effective treatment for minor insomnia.

Ace of Spades Strain: Side Effects

Most cannabis induces dehydration and dry mouth, but Ace of Spades weed is a bit above average, so make sure to have liquids nearby so you can stay well hydrated! It is recommended that you drink even when you don’t feel the need to.

Also, be sure to have eye drops nearby because this weed strain tends to dry your eyes out.  This is just another reason to drink lots of liquids.

Some users reported being dizzy and/or paranoid after use.  Just be sure to consume it in moderation and if any negative effects occur,  just know that they don’t last very long.

 Strain: Grow Information

Grown indoors, Ace of Spade weed is a medium-sized cannabis plant that flowers in 7-9 weeks with a high yield. Outdoors, the Ace of Spades strain is a medium sized marijuana plant that  will flower from late September to Early October and yield a medium to high harvest The ease of growing this cannabis strain makes it a good choice for beginners, but is a great plant for more experienced growers as well.

Ace of Spades Strain: In Conclusion

The Ace of Spades strain is a great choice if you want a quiet evening at home alone, or with a small group of friends.  Its berry and citrus tasting buds make this a must try for any fans of fruity weed. On top of that, this cannabis strains sweet and earthy smell helps to put it onto many favorite lists.

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